A Quadruple Lunar HaloThis is a blog about the nature and activities of Earth creatures, with a focus on their intelligence and the frequent lack thereof. Sure, I’d like to be more specific than this, but that would just limit the scope of the blog.

Imagine you are an alien visiting Earth for the first time. Wouldn’t you want to know a few key things about the creatures that inhabit it and why they do the things they do? The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is not particularly enlightening, so I think the current entry (“Mostly Harmless”) needs a bit of elaboration. Sure, you could start reading books on history, politics, sociology, and all kinds of other topics, but it would take you a long time. You would also find many conflicting opinions and accounts written from the differing perspectives of numerous writers.

This blog is a place for discussions about people and some of the other creatures that inhabit the planet, as written by a fairly neutral observer. Sure, I live here just like you and certainly have my predispositions and biases, but I like to think that I’m able to put them aside and consider things from different perspectives. I think about questions that few people probably ever ask and sometimes come up with answers they dare not voice. I also like to propose ways that people might be able to do things better if they really tried or to at least point out how ridiculous it is to think and act the way we currently do.

Why bother discussing how to make things better? Because all changes start with an idea. It might take centuries for enough people to come to a consensus, but it eventually happens. We always want it to happen faster than it does and sometimes we actually go backwards. Now that technology is changing faster than ever, however, I suspect that society as a whole will also start changing at a faster pace. So, let’s start talking about what those changes might look like.

Imagine again that you are an alien visiting Earth. You might just want to watch it for a while. Maybe a few thousand years or so until they start to develop technology and things get really interesting. Eventually, however, you might find that it is just too boring to sit by passively and may finally want to make your presence public.

The first things people will want to know is whether or not you believe in their god (or gods) and if you are willing to share your super advanced technology. Before answering either question, you’d better know what you are in for. What will those crazy Earth people do if you challenge everything they have believed for thousands of years as you hand them incredible knowledge and power? Would it be better to simply take the role of ruling overlords and start running the place? What would you even do if you were in charge and would it make any difference to you or to them?

Chances are, no alien civilization will want to have anything to do with us until we are a bit more mature as a species. So, it’s really up to us to fix our own problems and try to build a society that will not implode. Maybe I can make a few suggestions. Maybe our descendants will look back at this blog and say to themselves, “the people who lived at the start of the millennium weren’t all as barbaric as we thought.” Now that you think I’m crazy, it’s time to show you how Earth people are really the crazy ones.

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