Hanoi Jane Fonda Nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

In a surprising move, Hanoi Jane Fonda nominated President Donald J. Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his initiatives in support of peace in the Middle East, for extracting the United States from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, for attempting to deter North Korea from starting a war on the Korean peninsula, and for being the first president to not start any new wars.

Jane admitted to CNN that, although she disagreed with President Trump’s stance on climate change, “You have to hate the behavior, but don’t hate the person. You know, I don’t hate him. I feel sad for him.” Her change in sentiment may be related to her own past mistakes as an anti-war activist visiting Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Jane has previously said “I will go to my grave regretting that.”

“I hope he gets recognition he deserves for his wonderful work to end America’s long involvement in foreign wars,” she was reported as having said in private.

“If not, maybe they will finally give it to me for helping to end the war in Vietnam!” Yeah, right….

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