The Language of Hypocrisy

The new Orwellian language of leftists that defines words and ideas based on the political affiliation of the speaker or people involved:

challenge election fraud (by leftists) => challenge election fraud
challenge election fraud (by conservatives) => overturn an election

protests (by leftists) => Constitutional peaceful protests
protests (by conservatives) => anti-American sedition

riots (by leftists) =>   mostly peaceful protests (disturbances)
riots (by conservatives) => violent anti-American insurrection and terrorism 

vowing to fight for rights (by leftists) => fighting for social justice
vowing to fight for rights (by conservatives) => inciting mob violence 

death threats (by leftists) => anti-fascist free speech
death threats (by right-wing extremists) => hate speech that should be censored

violations of tech platform terms of service (by leftists or dictators) => ignored
violations of tech platform terms of service (by conservatives) => suspended/banned for exaggerated infractions

gender identity (of leftists) => determined by a personal declaration
racial identity (of leftists) => determined by biological reality   
gender and racial identity (of conservatives) => determined by biological reality 

Hypocrisy is supported by re-defined and divergent definitions based on political orientation:

censorship (for leftists) => suppression of lies and incitement to violence
censorship (for conservatives) => politically-motivated suppression of free speech

Black Lives Matter (for leftists) => blacks killed by a cop matter, regardless of cause
black lives matter (for conservatives) => blacks deserve equal protection under law

racial inequality (for leftists) => is caused by systemic racism by white oppressors
racial inequality (for conservatives) => is mostly caused by socioeconomic disparities

Anti-Racism (for leftists) => discrimination to improve equal outcomes for blacks
anti-racism (for conservatives) => colorblindness and equal treatment

equality (for leftists) => outcomes proportionate to group identity (equity)
equality (for conservatives) => equal opportunity and rights

hate speech (for leftists) => any speech they hate and want to censor
hate speech (for conservatives) => free speech protected by the 1st Amendment
hate speech (for Supreme Court) => free speech protected by the 1st Amendment illegal speech (for Supreme Court) => clear and present danger of inciting imminent lawless action

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