Good Guys Finish Last

Life Isn't Fair

Life Isn’t Fair

Let’s address the circumstance when the bad guys always seem to win. When the people on top happen to be scumbags who should be living in a cave somewhere, good people get annoyed and wonder why things are they way they are. So, why do good guys often finish last? This isn’t really a hard question. It’s just a matter of survival of the fittest.

Those who do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals are more likely to get ahead unless they inadvertently get too many people mad at them and suffer from a backlash. Even then, some of the most adept bad guys are able to accumulate enough power to suppress all dissent from the masses they have oppressed. It is the same principle throughout nature. All organisms compete against each other for resources, except for those symbiotic creatures that rely upon each other in complementary ways, such as benign parasites. Strength, speed, ambition, intelligence, and beauty are advantageous qualities, but they are not limited to the “good.”

Why should mankind differ? If we were created to be good, why do we seem to have all the same characteristics that make other creatures competitive? We’re basically self-centered, love to eat, think a lot about the act of reproduction, and usually take care of our young. If we are inherently good, why do we harm things for no other reason than amusement? We all know why boxing and professional wrestling are so popular. As far as sports go, they aren’t too far removed from the gladiators who fought to the death in Rome. Is it evil or normal?

Evil cat

Evil cat

For that matter, why do cats play with their prey and kill even when they get plenty of premium cat chow? Are cats evil? Why have dogs been known to rescue people? Are they good?

Good dog

Good dog

No, I’m not counting pit bulls–not all dogs go to heaven. What does it say about our species if half of us like dogs and the other half prefer cats? Can we really trust cat lovers?

Good guys finish last because that’s just the way nature tends to work and god has not seen fit to change things just for us. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t be rewarded or punished in another level of existence. Nice guys would like to believe that, ultimately, the bad guys will get what they deserve. This assumes that they actually deserve to be punished rather than to enjoy the rewards they reaped by screwing everyone else, as nature seems to have intended. Freud called this aspect of religion wishful thinking. But, as I tell my kids, life isn’t fair.

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